Winter Liners

• Soft, comfortable lining traps warmth for protection over a wide range of temperatures

• Adding UltraWarm™ HotHands® heatpacks adds warmth from 130° to 140° over a full work day

• All UltraWarm™ winter liners include two heatpacks

SKU  Suspension
FLSW1 Winter Liner, Two Heat Packs
GLSW4 Extended Winter Liner, Two Heat Packs
SWHB8BK Fleece Headband, Two Heat Packs
SWNW7BE Fleece Neckwarmer, Blue, One Heat Pack
SWNW7BK Fleece Neckwarmer, Black, One Heat Pack
SWTN6BE Fleece Turtleneck Warmer, Blue, One Heat Pack
SWWWC10 Winter Welder Cap
SWHH1 Heat Packs, Large, 40/box
SWHH2 Heat Packs, Small, 40/box
SWTT1 Foot Warmer Heat Packs, 40/box


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