Voltage Detectors and Ball & Socket Grounding System

Self Testing Voltage detector Kits

Salisbury’s Self-Testing Voltage Detectors allow testing to be continuous and automatic. An intermittent flash and beep confirms the detector is functioning properly. Self-Testing Voltage Detectors are used to verify live or de-energized conductors. These testers may be used with insulating rubber gloves or hot sticks using the splined universal end fitting. Testers indicate voltage with an extra bright LED light and a distinctive audible signal. It is recommended that the tester be moved closer to the conductor until a warning is indicated, or it touches the conductor, apparatus, or test point. Each tester includes three “C” batteries. The need for additional PPE can be minimized by confirming that there is no electrical hazard present before work is performed. This can be determined by using a Salisbury Voltage Detector attached to a insulating hot stick of a length long enough to keep the worker outside of the arc flash boundary. Because the Salisbury Voltage Detector alarms in the proximity of electric fields, it is not necessary to make physical contact with the equipment being checked. Because it is made of non-conductive materials, it will not conduct electricity and not cause an arc flash even if contact with energized equipment is made.

Self Testing Voltage Detector Kits

Cat. No Settings
4556 1-4544 Tester 240V to 230kV, 1-4315 Case, 1-2500 Shotgun Adapter
4667 1-4644 Tester 240V to 500kV, 1-4315 Case, 1-2500 Shotgun Adapter
4769 1-4744 Tester 240V to 69kV, w/ URD Test Point Setting 15, 25,35kV 1-4315 Case, 1-2500 Shotgun Adapter

Ball & Socket System

The Ball and Socket Grounding System allows for variable angle accessibility. This system is compact and lightweight. The 21190 Socket Clamp is made from bronze alloy with an integral cable support and strain relief sleeve. This is the ideal grounding system for industrial and substation environments. Other clamps are available. Please contact your local Salisbury representative for more information.

Ball & Socket System - Socket Clamps

Cat. No & Description ASTM Grade Continuous Current Rating (AMPS, RMS, 60Hz) Weight ea. Lbs (kgs)
21190 w/ Strain Relief Sleeve 5 400 1.2 ( .54 )
21277 w/o Strain Relief Sleeve 5 400 1.1 ( .5 )

Ball & Socket System - Ball Studs

Cat. No Description Dimensions in. (mm) Weight ea. Lbs (kgs)
21191 Ball Stud Short 4.38 ( 111 ) .53 ( .23 )
21192 Ball Stud Long 6.13 ( 156 ) .81 ( .37 )
24082 Internal Thread Ball Stud 4 ( 102 ) .54 ( .25 )
21228 Offset NEMA Pad Short 5.13 x 1.5 ( 130 x 38 ) .84 ( .38 )
24087 Offset NEMA Pad Long 7 x 1.5 ( 178 x 38 ) 1 ( .45 )
21236 Cover for Ball Stud .09 ( .04 )


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