Sun and Heat Hazard Protection

• Fibre-Metal® SuperCool® products are produced from a unique, patented composite material designed to absorb and trap water

• Advanced evaporative cooling technology provides hours of cooling comfort

• Sunshields protect workers by shielding their neck, face, and ears from the sun while the cooling headband and neck wraps keep workers cool

SKU  Suspension
FMSCH1RD Cooling Headband, Red
FMSCN1BE Cooling Neck Wrap, Blue
FMSSD1BK Doo Rag, Black
FMSS1OE 17x12 Sunguard, Orange
FMSS2OE 12x14 Sunguard, White
FMSS1WE 17x12 Sunguard, White
FMSS2WE 12x14 Sunguard, White
FMPSB1 Full Brim Sunshield, Gray Tint
FMPSB2 Cap Style Sunshield, Gray Tint


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