The Saf-T-Climb System has over 60 years of safe climbing history and is frequently the specified rigid rail ladder safety device for industry and government. This system provides total ladder climbing safety for workers on any site – above or below ground; straight or curved. The round rail of the Saf-T-Climb makes dismounting easy and safe, with a removable extension for up climbs through a hatch, down climbs through a hatch, and permanent dismounts. The Saf-T-Climb is easily retrofi tted to existing ladders or designed into new construction. Installation of a Saf-T-Climb fall prevention system means instant compliance with OSHA climbing safety regulations. Any slip or fall is stopped by the locking action of the Saf-T-Grip Shuttle.


• Water tanks 

• Drilling rigs

• Utilities

• Antennas 

• Wind generators 

• Chimneys

 • Ship masts

• Manufacturing

• Construction

 • Communication towers

Dismount options

  • Removable Ascending Hatch Dismount and Holder
  • Removable Descending Hatch Dismount 
  • Saf-T-Privet Permanent Discount


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