Oil Spill Response Kit (SOPEP Kit)

Oil Spill Response Kits, or Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) Kits, follow the IMO requirements especially for ships of more than 400 Gross Tons. Ideal for very large spill response. Absorbs up to 683 litres (180 Gallons) per kit.

*For Oil purpose : absorb oil only - not water

*Universal purpose : absorb oil, coolant, water & solvents

*Chemical purpose : absorb oil, water, acid & bases

Contents for 7-Barrel Oil Spill Response Kit include:

400 Oil-Only Pads, 41 x 51cm (16” x 20”)

8 Absorbent 5-Inch Diameter Booms, 13cm x 3m (5” x 10’)

12 Oil-Only SOCS, 7.6 x 122cm (3” x 4’)

10 Oil-Only Pillows, 46 x 46cm (18” x 18”)

3 Bags Gransorb Granulars

25 Litres Eurolube Formula 3080 Environ-Oil Spill Dispersant (Water-Based)

750mL Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser

1 pair each Goggles and Nitrile Gloves

10 Disposal Bags with String

1 Emergency Response Handbook


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