Miller Tripod

The versatile, lightweight Miller Tripod is designed for typical confined space and rescue applications.
• Available in 7-ft. (2 m) and 9-ft. (2.7 m) models
• High-strength aluminum construction
• Withstands up to 5,000-lbs. (22 kN) of vertical pull
• Adjustable legs with integral push pins, ideal for uneven surfaces
• Independent leg locking feature holds legs securely in place
• Safety chain and tripod feet with rubber skid pads and serrated edge prevent slippage in icy conditions
• Includes reflective tape

SKU Description
51/7FT 7-ft. (2 m) high-strength aluminum Tripod
51X/9FT 9-ft. (2.7 m) high-strength aluminum Tripod


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