Miller TechLine™ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) System Kits

TechLine System Kits offer continuous fall protection for the length of the lifeline when used in conjunction with the Miller DuraHoistTM Fall Arrest Post (DH-AP-1/). Ideal for applications where an overhead anchorage does not exist.

Kits include:

• 11/16-in. (17.5 mm) kernmantle rope lifeline
• Lifeline adjuster/tensioner
• Two connecting O-rings • Snap hook
• In-line shock absorber

SKU Maximum Span No. Of O-rings No. Of workers
HLLR2-L/30FT 30 ft. (9 m) 2 2 workers
HLLR2-L/60FT 60 ft. (18 m) 2 2 workers


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