Miller DuraHoist™ Portable Confined Space Systems

Complete Four-Piece Hoist/Winch Systems
DuraHoist Complete Four-Piece Confined Space Systems consist of a One-Piece Adjustable Mast (DH-3/) and Three-Piece Portable Base (DH-4/).

Suggested applications:
Public Utilities: Vault and manhole entry, pump/lift/valve stations, water treatment and wastewater industries
General Industry (Food, Chemical, Pulp and Paper): Elevated manholes, storage tanks, platforms/mezzanines, underground vaults, clarifier tanks, pre-heaters
• System breaks down into four lightweight aluminum components for easy storage, transport and set-up. No tools required for assembly.
• Overall system height adjusts from 79 in. (2.01 m) to 100 in. (2.54 m)
• Modular design allows the use of various fixed and portable bases and an optional mast with extensions. Multiple winches and/or lifeline systems may be mounted as required.

SKU Description Weight 

SKU Description Weight
DH-1/ Four-Piece System with ManHandler hoist/winch w/65-ft. (20 m) of 3/16-in. (5 mm) galvanized steel cable 133.5 lb. (60.6 kg)
DH-2/ Four-Piece System without ManHandler hoist/winch 91 lb. (41.3 kg)

Adjustable Mast Options
Combining Lower Mast Extensions with the One-Piece Adjustable Mast or the Two-Piece Upper Mast eliminates the need for
custom-length masts. The Upper Mast also provides additional solutions to height-restrictive applications.

SKU Description Weight 

SKU Description Weight
DH-3/ One-Piece Adjustable Mast 29 lb. (13.2 kg)
DH-21/ 12-in. (.30 m) to 29-in. (.74 m) Adjustable Offset Upper Mast 23 lb. (10.4 kg)
DH-23 30-in. (.76 m) to 48-in. (1.22 m) Adjustable Offset Upper Mast 29 lb. (13.2 kg)
DH-22/21 21-in. (.53 m) Lower Mast Extension 14 lb. (6.4 kg)
DH-22/33 33-in. (.84 m) Lower Mast Extension 17 lb. (7.7 kg)
DH-22/45 45-in. (1.14 m) Lower Mast Extension 20 lb. (9.1 kg)
DH-22/57 57-in. (1.45 m) Lower Mast Extension 23 lb. (10.4 kg)


• Compatible with any one Lower Mast Extension
• Overall mast height adjusts from 74 in. (1.88 m) to 89 in. (2.26 m)
• Mast offset adjusts from 12 in. (.30 m) to 29 in. (.74 m)


• Two-piece upper mast is compatible with any two Lower Mast Extensions, not exceeding a combined 90 in. (2.29 m) in height for the DH-21/ or 78 in. (1.98 m) for the DH-23


• Extensions provide the flexibility to change overall mast height from 41 in. (1.04 m) to 146 in. (3.71 m)

Portable and Fixed Base Options

All of the following bases are compatible with all Adjustable Mast Options. All base options include PVC liner.

Three-Piece Portable Base

Three lightweight aluminum components for easy transport. Features adjustable aluminum screws and a built-in level indicator for easy set-up on uneven surfaces. No tools required for assembly.
DH-4/ – Maximum 29-in. (.74 m) offset
DH-24 – Maximum 48-in. (1.22 m) offset

Manhole Collar

Designed for applications involving frequent set-ups over similarly sized access openings. Simply slip collar into sewer manhole, tank hatch or other opening. Available from 17.5 in. (.44 m) to 27.5 in. (.70 m). in increments of 2-in. Add number to end of DH-11/.

Adjustable Barrel Mount Sleeve
Designed for shoring, wall and parapet applications where frequent set-up over varying wall thicknesses is required. Accommodates wall thicknesses up to a max. of 24 in. (.61 m). DH-6/

Floor Mount Sleeve
Mounts to horizontal concrete or steel structures. DH-7ZP/ – Zinc-plated, mild steel DH-7SS/ – Stainless steel

Wall Mount Sleeve
Mounts to vertical concrete or steel structures. Compact design creates minimal intrusion into work space. DH-8ZP/ – Zinc-plated, mild steel DH-8SS/ – Stainless steel

Core Mount Sleeve
Designed for slip-in installation into a 4-in. (.10 m) diameter core hole in concrete or in an existing steel structure. DH-9ZP/ – Zinc-plated, mild steel DH-9SS/ – Stainless steel

Barrel Mount Sleeve w/3.5-in. (.09 m) Opening
Eight independent clamping screws allow temporary installations over edges of shoring cans, walls and other structures. DH-5/

Flush Floor Mount Sleeve
Eliminates the potential trip hazard presented by other floor mount sleeves. Installs into a 4-in. (.10 m) diameter core hole in concrete or in an existing steel structure. DH-20ZP/ – Zinc-plated, mild steel DH-20SS/ – Stainless steel

Vehicle Hitch Mount Sleeve

Designed to install into a 2-in. (.05 m) receiver on an attendant vehicle to provide a portable anchor point for confined space entry/retrieval, rescue and fall arrest applications. DH-12/ – Maximum 29-in. (.74 m) offsetDH-25 – Maximum 48-in. (1.22 m) offset


SKU Description Weight
 DH-18/ Equipment Cart for DuraHoist Four-Piece Hoist System (DH-1/, DH-2/) 40 lbs. (18.1 kg)
DH-18DC/ Dust Cover for the DuraHoist Equipment Cart  2 lbs. (.91 kg)
DH-4WK/  Wheel Kit (two wheels) for the DuraHoist Three-Piece Base (DH-4/) 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)


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