Lo-Volt Blankets and accessories Shock Protection

Roll Blankets

Salisbury has gone to great lengths to protect workers from lo-voltage electrical hazards by now offering insulating blanket material on a roll. Salisbury’s insulating Roll Blankets, made from a high strength fabric reinforced Type II rubber, allow workers to custom-cut blankets to fit each application at the job site. This minimizes the number of different lo-voltage blanket sizes and shapes that would otherwise need to be carried from job to job. All classes of Roll B lankets are easy to cut, and flexible to -40°F. Highly puncture and tear resistant, each class of blanket is also flame (self-extinguishing), oil, and ozone resistant. Each comes in a convenient 36” wide roll, 30 feet in length in unique colors making it easy to identify and highly visible in the work area.

Clear PVC Roll Blankets

Salisbury’s Roll Blanket line includes a C lass I clear PVC material that permits complete visibility, yet provides the necessary insulating properties meeting ASTM F1742 standards.

Roll Blankets

Cat. No Description Max Use Dimensions ft. (m)
RLB00 Class 00 Brown 500 VAC 3’ x 30’ ( .9 x 9 )
RLB0 Class 0 Yellow 1000 VAC 3’ x 30’ ( .9 x 9 )
RLB1 Class 1 Yellow / Orange 7500 VAC 3’ x 30’ ( .9 x 9 )
RLBPVC1 Class 1 Clear PVC 7500 VAC 3’ x 30’ ( .9 x 9 )

Class 0 Yellow Lo-Voltage Insulating Blankets

Lo-Voltage Insulating Blankets are made of Type II SALCOR®, ozone resistant rubber and are yellow. Insulating blankets are available with or without hook and pile. These blankets are Class 0 and have a maximum use of 1000VAC. Covering energized equipment is easier than ever using these blankets. Featuring one-inch wide strips of hook and pile double stitched to the blanket with nylon thread, so installation and removal is safe and fast

Class 0 Lo-Voltage Insulating Blankets

Cat. No Style Size in. (mm)
1212YLV Hook and Pile 12x12 ( 305x305 )
1212YLVNV Plain 12x12 ( 305x305 )
1818YLV Hook and Pile 18x18 ( 457x457 )
1818YLVNV Plain 18x18 ( 457x457 )
1836YLV Hook and Pile 18x36 ( 457x914 )
1836YLVNV Plain 18x36 ( 457x914 )
3636YLV Hook and Pile 36x36 ( 914x914 )
3636YLVNV Plain 36x36 ( 914x914 )

Blanket Fasteners

Blanket Clamp Pins can be effectively used to hold insulating blankets in place. Blanket pins are made of fiberglass reinforced nylon and have molded rubber

tips to increase slip resistance.

Magnetic Blanket Buttons are designed for use in eyelets of insulating blankets when covering energized portions in hard-to-cover areas. Four permanent floating magnets are mounted between nickel-plated steel plates. May be applied manually, wearing rubber gloves, or with a shot-gun stick.

Blanket Clamp Pin

Cat. No Description Length in. (mm) Jow Opening in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kgs)
21 Nylon w/ pin boots 9.5 (241) 5 (127) .25 (.11)
MB6 Magnetic blanket button - - 7 oz. ( .2 )


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