Glove Inflator

Electrical insulating gloves must be inspected before each use. Inspection is simplified by using a portable glove inflator such as the Salisbury G99 and the G100 with adapter for Class 00 and 0 and smaller size gloves. Patent Pending. The G99 is a simple, easy to use, portable glove inflator. The G99 provides a quality means of inspecting gloves in the field. The glove is secured to the inflator using a nylon strap and fastened with hook and pile, or a rubber “O” ring. Inflation is accomplished by pumping the bellows of the inflator.

Cat. No Description Weight lbs. (kg)
G99 Glove Inflator Kit 2 (.91)
G99B Replacement Bag -
G99R Replacement “O” Ring -
G99S Replacement Strap -
G99V Replacement Check Valve -
G100 Glove Inflator Kit w/ Adapter -
G100A Small Lo-Volt Glove Adapter -


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