Dust & Liquid Spray Protective Clothing

Designed to protect against harmful particulates and light liquid spray with highly breathable comfortness.

Asbestos, Construction, Grinding,  Mining Process, Sand Blasting, Waste Cleaning

Superior barrier against harmful particulates

The fabric filters resist 99.8% of particles of size 0.5-1μm.

Increased durability but maintaining lightweight

Our multi-layer SMS fabric provides physical-durable performance but remains lightweight for wearer’s comfort.

Designed to fit your body shape

Fully elasticated hood, ankles, wrists, and waist provides optimum comfort and ease of movement.

Antistatic (EN 1149-5) is optional

If antistatic is not required, then ULTITEC 1000L-NA can be an option. It provides a more economic choice while maintaining high quality. And it is especially suitable for asbestos removal.

  • TYPE 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Dry Particle Suits-Suits for protection against hazardous dusts and any dry particles.
  • TYPE 6 EN 13034 reduced spray -suits which offer limited protection against a light spray of liquid chemicals.
  • EN 1073-2 Protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination.


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